Q1 2014 Buy-Side Technology Hiring Trends

It has been a busy few weeks for BartleyHeath! We officially started trading in mid-April so it has been a constant balance of candidate generation, meetings and a lot of business admin!

The recruitment market within Asset Management remains challenging however the signs of a sustained improvement are definitely present. In the last three years when recruitment volumes in the London Financial Services industry were at an ebb, we witnessed many false dawns but now we are seeing consistent hiring trends.

This consistency seems to be supported by increased confidence in the candidate market. At the beginning of 2014, an immediate increase in enquiries from candidates in employment considering initiating their job search was far more noticeable than anything I have experienced in the past five years.

These enquiries have formalised into hiring as Buy-Side technology and project candidates feel increasingly confident in taking the "leap of faith" and leaving jobs that are not fulfilling their career potential.

The key areas of demand are:

  1. Exposure to working in a regulated environment, an understanding of data, whether that be bespoke or Markit EDM.
  2. Lead or Senior Business Analysts with an ability to understand Buy-Side processes and key domains
  3. Charles River OMS is once again going through a period of intense hiring as Asset Management arms of Investment Banks look to backfill a flow of talent leaving to join Long Only Funds and larger Hedge Fund clients.
  4. An increase in perm hiring as clients looking to reduce contractor headcount

The increasing candidate shortage across the wider Buy-Side Technology market means that hiring managers must partner with recruiters that have access to candidates that aren't on LinkedIn and don't have their CVs on job boards. These candidates are inquisitive but selective with the agencies they use so they need to be presented with the right opportunity. We meet candidates daily who choose to use small agencies that understand their requirements rather than some of our larger competitors.

Now candidates feel more confident about pursuing external opportunities now is a good time for clients to hire however you may need to think of a solution to hiring challenges.

  • Rather than looking for CADIS Markit EDM experience can you hire an excellent SQL Server developer?
  • Rather than Charles River OMS experience can you look to hire a candidate with thinkFolio experience?

I am always interested to hear your thoughts on what is happening in the Buy-Side market and look forward to working with you.